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Become a fan on Facebook! :D

2010-11-08 11:44:58 by Chimy727

Keep up on all artist news of mine! New album is coming soon!
:)!/pa ges/Dj-Greene/168287366521491

Become a fan on Facebook!  :D


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2013-01-19 04:23:19



2013-01-19 04:23:13

kool. I dont use facebook tho


2013-01-19 04:23:13

kool. I dont use facebook tho


2011-09-25 14:49:18

I didn't realize you did music dude! :D
I just "like"d you on FB with both of my pages, keep up the great work!
~Dj Sonik (Nicholas Scyoc)


2011-05-12 00:43:19

I've been listening to your music for a long time, but lately you haven't been posting much updates about your progress and submitting songs less often. I'm growing worried that you've stopped, or won't submit something really happy hardcore again. This makes me shed a tear, and kill a kitten. :'(


2011-03-01 10:53:54

Nice :DD


2010-12-20 12:52:32

You now have another album, congrats :D

But i hope you'll put it in at least some of the previews on NG. Because i am unable to buy them D:

Chimy727 responds:

hmm I might...


2010-11-22 18:11:51

FB link is broken


2010-11-20 12:46:26

Oh so THAT's how you get your album art. But are all the songs done?


2010-11-09 16:12:43

Do you know when the album's coming? well I don't think even you can because it takes forever even AFTER you upload it to iTunes that it actually shows up. I can only ever get albums from iTunes so I hope it hits iTunes.

Chimy727 responds:

Not totally sure. My manager is still finishing album artwork but It should be out this month.